DC Hayden Studios is a proud collaborator on Party In The Pantry, a local do-it-together production.
Watch it here or at www.PartyInThePantry.TV

DC Hayden is a local entrepreneur, food enthusiast and freelance videographer. DC Hayden studied Film at Brooks Institute of Photography and Videography. He has worked on Independent Feature Films, Tv Programs, as well as Short Films. He’s currently involved with Party In The Pantry, a local do-it-together culinary entertainment show. He’s also a regular collaborator with the Treefort Collective in Downtown Traverse City. DC Hayden Studios specializes in lively promotional videos for local area businesses. Among the many offerings, motion graphics stand out in much of the work. DC Hayden also does food photography for Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate.
Consultation is the first step in our process. Once we’ve settled on the direction and audience for your video we begin the Creative Development stage. Creative Development involves research and brainstorming on the visual aspects that will make your video unique. Pre-Production The next step is pre-production. This step involves all aspect that need to be created, acquired or organized prior to the shoot. Production This step is pretty straightforward. We shoot the project using the latest filmmaking technology and techniques. Post Production This step is broken down to these stages: Digitizing the footage. Syncing Audio and Video. Footage Review. Selection of best takes. Music Selection. Rough Edit. Motion Graphics. Review with Client. 2nd Round Revisions and optional motion graphics. Review with Client. 3rd Round Revisions. Delivery of Video. We can deliver your video web-ready or on a DVD.


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Coming Soon: PitP Episode III [Behind The Scenes]

  • By dchayde1
  • Published February 9, 2014
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Party In The Pantry Behind The Scenes Mt Holiday 01

Stay tuned for behind the scenes at Party In The Pantry Episode III.

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